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For over two decades I have been producing videos that have become family treasures. Families trust me with their photographs, their footage, their memorabilia, and their stories.

got a new baby?
got a budding superstar dancer/musician/actor/artist?
got a graduate?
got a wedding?
got a milestone birthday? or anniversary?
got an elderly family member with a great story?
got any other celebratory event coming up soon?


Simple yet elegant documentary of your special day. Includes attendance at rehearsal, getting ready, ceremony and reception. Non-intrusive style. In addition to receiving fully-edited footage, your DVDs will also include a five-minute recap featuring the Highlights of the entire event set to music. At your request, we will even upload your Highlights to the net so you can share the memories of your day with family and friends.  

Emily & Jason's Wedding


Five minute highlights from the 2-hour video. Sample shows technique, not video quality.

Haley & John’s Wedding

Five minute highlights from the 2-hour video.
Sample shows technique, not video quality.

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Video interviews capture the essence of the family elder—the twinkle in their eye, the inflection in their voice, the mannerisms that are unique to the person. Includes photos and memorabilia (and more) for a lasting record.

  • Held in the subject's home for easy access to photos, heirlooms and memorabilia

  • No bright lights are used and breaks can be taken

  • Individually prepared questions from early childhood through all stages of life

  • Creatively edited (including photos, music and titles)

  • Two copies of finished interview (length: approximately 2 hours)

  • Travel time within Sonoma County (other locales negotiable)

 Legacy Interview

Excerpts from a 2.5 hour interview

Jerry's Photo Gallery

Excerpts from a 2.5 hour interview

Check out our tips on how to get elders to agree to a Video Legacy Interview.

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Memorial Services Videos | Debbie Matteri Audio Testimonial

Standard Package - $350
Includes up to 3 hours of shooting plus editing of footage and 2 DVDs.
Extra DVDs available at $20/each.

I have a respectful, unobtrusive style which my clients appreciate. Music and
titling included during editing.

Celebration of Life Montages | Deborah Myers Audio Testimonial

Can be shown at memorial service and/or for private use.

Standard package - $350
3 songs (120 pictures, approximately 12 min. in length) 2 DVDs included.
Creatively edited photographs, titling and client’s choice of music.
Projection costs are not included.

Videos can be enhanced with memorabilia, captions, and edited family
video clips for an additional charge.

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Break-a-Leg Services include Music, Theater and Dance Recitals with pre-show and backstage action included in your footage. Preserve those early performances for posterity. It can be professional and affordable.



Do you have a talented child?

Preserve those early
performances for posterity.

It can be professional
and affordable. Let's talk.



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Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements, memorials, or just to say “I love you and want to Celebrate Your Life.” I work co-creatively with my clients to make these unique family treasures. Be prepared to do your share of digging and contributing to the process.

Blazers Soccer Video (excerpt)

Blazers Soccer Video (excerpt)
Presented to the Head Coach on
the last day of the season.

Gary & Marlene’s Anniversary

Recap at the end of a 30-minute video shown
at a Gary & Marlene's Anniversary
celebrating 50 years together.

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Honor the achievements of your graduates and show them how much they are loved with a video history of their lives. No doubt you have photographs that tell the story—baby pictures...first day of school... sports... holidays... birthdays... prom. Hand them over. We'll add music, titles (maybe even some early audio, video or memorabilia) and creatively edit a treasure you (and they) will cherish long after they've left to find their way in the world.

ConGRADulations Video Sample

Through the Years with Scott
(Abbreviated segments from extensive video)


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If you like to take video footage while traveling, consider having your work edited by a professional. Upon your return home, hand off those tapes and stills and let Life Reflections Video edit, add music and titles. Your travel footage and photos can be condensed and set to music for a watchable record of your trip. Then feel free to “Wow!” your family and friends with your adventures. (Includes pre-trip tips on video shooting if desired.)

Have Video Camera, Will Travel

I would love to join your group (all shooting time included) and will edit an extensive and memorable keepsake for the entire group upon returning home at reasonable cost. Pay my expenses for the trip in exchange for video. Contact us for details!

Amateur Travel Video With Professional Editing

Finale of a 40-minute completed video.

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Document the memories which surround the birth of a child through parental interviews and either personal or professional video of the birth. Includes musical montage with the newborn and post-birth interview. THEN, supply us with photos and footage from the first years of life and have a yearly record of your child set to music! Priceless.

Happy Birth! 

This video is an excellent example
of a way to preserve the memories
surrounding the birth of a child. 

Baby's First Year

This video is an excellent example of a way
to preserve the memories surrounding
a child's 2nd year...3rd year...and on!

My kids love to watch themselves. They dance to the music and they are
amazed at seeing themselves. It is a great day when they ask to see their
 "baby tape" and not Bob the Builder or Thomas the Train!

—Sara Grover, Mom of Jonah & Nate

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