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"I love what you're doing. How did you get started?"

This is a question I hear a lot. So here's my story...
In 1993, a friend asked if I would like to meet her neighbor. She quickly added that the 92-year-old had "died last year." 

That was an odd beginning...

As we watched the home movie interview, I found myself laughing, crying, and generally being impressed with the elderly woman's wisdom, and set my mind to gathering similar information from my parents who had always been quite private about their personal lives. Well, it took 2 years...eventually after gentle coaxing and an amazing 50th anniversary party, they agreed to sit in front of a camera with me.

I also videotaped photographs and memorabilia rich with stories, transferred it all to VHS tapes and sent them out to my 6 brothers and sisters. My siblings responded excitedly. Mom and Dad could also see the value and offered to help me get started. Reflections of a Lifetime was born! Name was later changed to Life Reflections Video.

I am impressed with the emotional impact that comes through the medium of video, especially when it is creatively shot and edited. Now, when I miss my father, I can put on the DVD and feel close to him again. It's like we're just sitting over tea talking...

"I strive for emotional impact in my work and take your trust very seriously."

—Kathleen Quinn


Artist at Work

Camouflaged in black
I am the woman with a camera eye
Who notices everything
And is never seen

Poised to capture all rites of passage
human emotion
stunning detail
an intimate look, a gentle whisper
a tenderness between lovers...between mother and child

I am on the edge of your adventures
lying in wait
to eavesdrop on your life
and reflect back to you a reminder
of your human imprint on the world

Some paint, others compose
My art comes thru the lens
to create moving moving images on a screen
and remind you of your journey
here now in this

—Kathleen Quinn



Kathleen Quinn, Video Professional
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