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Tips On How To Get Elders To Agree To A Video Legacy Interview

  • The next time you hear a story from an elder you find interesting, encourage them to tell you more. You'll be amazed how people really do like to talk about their memories. It brings them alive and makes them feel valued.

  • Then, to show them you are really interested, see if you can get them to agree to an audio tape recorder being turned on while they talk. Schedule a time, once a week, or twice a month, where they can expect to share with you.

  • After that success, see if they would consider being recorded for posterity on video. Emphasize that video captures the gleam in their eye and inflection in their voice as well as the mannerisms that are unique to them and that future generations will be grateful for their efforts.

  • Assure them that this process doesn't feel like a big Hollywood production. That Kathleen is easy to talk with and will help them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

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